Create a website

We can build your website or give you the tools to build your own. We look beyond the website and look at how this integrates with your business. We think that's logical.

Web1 starts by building your website. You can manage you own content whenever you want and we even have some features that manage your website content automatcally. How often do you see events on a website calendar that have already been and gone. Not with Web1, our system intelligently updates your website automatically at the stroke of midnight!

Theme1 gets things started with a well structured template. All our Theme1 tempates are responsive and automatically adapt to fit the device whether it is a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Website creation starts from just £250


Build a web shop

Whatever you are selling we can create a store front on your website, whether you just have a few items to sell or thousands. We build in payment systems using leading payment merchants such as PayPal, GoCardless and Stripe.

Our dashboard system manages your orders and controls the process through to despatch.


Page1 is a most affordable website solution, giving you a one page landing website with sections for each element of information that you need.

Choose a theme. Decide which sections you need on your website.

  • About you, your business and services, contact details, etc
  • You can build in as many sections as you need.

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Web1 CMS can be  implemented into any web design. However we support a number of templates for almost instant web sites. Here is a selection of some of the responsive templates supported.


Speak your customer's language

Your clients could be all over the world and your website in their language increases your abiility to win their business. 

Web1 offers a multi-language website option from a single design - so you don't have to create to create a new website for every language. You build 1 website and Web1 manages the translated menus, text, news etc. 

Web1 supports different alphabets so it handles, not only the European languages with each countries special accents and characters, but also cyrillic (Russian). Chinese, Japanese.

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