Event1 is a modular Event Project Management System that manages your project from planning through to completion. The modules cover a number of event types each with their planning needs that can also be used in combination with each other. Event1 is a complete Cloud hosted system. It replaces all those lists and spreadsheets and cut your administration time and improves communication through built in automated email.

The modules are fully integrated with CRM1, HR1, Project1 and Accounts1
  • Event1 Festival

    For festival directors, production managers, stage and tech management - scheduling, planning

    Event1 Festival creates your event schedule for each stage for each day and keeps everyone informed from performers and production teams to the venue staff.


  • Event1 Concert

    For concert promoters, production managers, stage and tech management - scheduling, planning

    Manages artists, contracts and riders. Schedules all the logistics for your event and summarises everything into a day plan


  • Event1 Tour

    Consolidates your concert series into a tour overlaying additional level of control and logistics, from flights, visas and hotels through to consolidated accounting. Event1 Tour will them pull all the info from each night of the tour into a comprehensive Tour Book.


  • Event1 Conference

    Conference Project Management system from Call For Papers through to scheduling and logistics

    A perfect match for your Conference Marketing System


  • Event1 Traders

    The Traders module organises your traders, stalls and booths including invoicing and receipts.

    The module can be used stand alone to organise exhibitions and markets; or side by side with the Conference module to organise your exhibition space or with the Festival module to book in your traders amd concessions.


Entertainment Business

Affinity range for the Entertainment Industry (SaaS)

  • Talent1 Artist Management and Booking system
  • Agency1 Agency Management
  • Black Book The only contact management system created for the music industry
  • Digital A&R Artist submissions, contract drafting system
  • MyBand apps iPhone apps for musicians, bands, artists